Matt Rose

Experience Designer / Futurist

I’ve worked with giant fighting robots, amazing scientists and Nigella …


… who’s next?

About me

I’m an Experience Designer specialising in reimagining and co-creating digitally enabled products, services, and transformational experiences.


I’m also a Futurist (technological), helping organisations develop an actionable 10–15-year vision by exploring possible futures through foresight and design fiction.


Whether it’s designing a service that uses behavioural insights to proactively manage an animal’s health, facilitating ideation workshops for the world’s largest utility service provider, or even exploring possible futures where machines can understand humans on an emotional level — I’m at my best when working and collaborating with multidisciplinary teams to bring innovative technology, products and services to life.


Over the last few years I’ve been:

  • Defining how social robots interact and collaborate with humans
  • Exploring the future uses of remote touch technologies for a tech startup
  • Reimagining the future of work to meet people’s needs and expectations
  • Defining an innovative play experience for a renowned global toy brand
  • Creating a digital transformation learning experience
  • Facilitating ideation workshops for technology leaders
  • Developing an Applied Futures offering