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Bleeding Edge

Bleeding Edge, is a fast and frenetic 4v4 team brawler where every fighter comes mechanically enhanced for mayhem!


My role on the project was UI Designer, covering most areas of interface design including concept work, prototyping, UI/UX and motion design.


UI, UX, Unreal Engine UMG


Ninja Theory

Launch Trailer

The following imagery shows early UI concept work I was responsible for during the development of Bleeding Edge. There’ll be more work from later in development to follow – but for now you can see from the in-game footage how the HUD and menus developed during my time at Ninja Theory.

Menu screen concepts

From day one accessibility was important. By ustilising the principles of inclusive design even before this was a Microsoft Xbox title, we were able to get this type of of response from gamers …

Early HUD concepts

Bonus concept image

Late on in development we needed to go from calling the game by it’s codename to something more suitable – these were just a few of the names and logos I suggested. My favourite was Super Happy Kill Party!

Selection of names and logos for the game

Game UI at launch

Gameplay Footage