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Horizon Discovery

When Horizon Discovery signed a supply and distribution agreement with Sirion Biotech GmbH, I led the team responsible for integrating this new service into the ecommerce platform whilst improving the existing experience for customers.


We started the project by talking with the sales team, customer service and the scientist involved to really understand the product and the customers.


The project deadline was incredibly tight so I was leading workshops with the Horizon team in the mornings to get insights on customer journeys, ordering processes (as these differ from regular ecommerce sites) and getting them sketching flows and wires.


Then I would produce more completed wireframes, user journeys and prototypes (in Axure and /or Omnigraffle) ready for the following morning where they would be reviewed and tested, whilst the dev team were setting up the backend and blocking out what they could from the wires.



UX, Ecommerce


Horizon Discovery