RIGS Mechanized Combat League | Matt the designer
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RIGS Mechanized Combat League was a launch title for PlayStation VR in 2016, made by Guerilla Games studio in Cambridge.


I was one of two UI Designers on the project, working alongside developers and audio designers to create the game’s UI and address some of the interesting challenges and opportunities that VR brings to interface design.

Launch Trailer

Each part of the UI started as a sketch, or wireframe in Axure that I ‘tweaked’ to work with a PS4 controller to get initial feedback from the game directors and testers alike.


Then we’d quickly move to prototype it in-game — there was a steep, but fun, learning curve when it came to designing UI for VR. I spent a lot of time wearing the VR headset.


Working through several prototypes and iterations with playtesters, and the Game Director we ended up with what you see below.

Menu Screens

HUD and Iconography

RIGs HQ early concepts through to final version

My favourite achievement was the player’s tablet device in the RIGs HQ. Original prototypes had it fully poseable using the PS4 controller’s 6-axis control (we even had Minority Report-style control using the touchpad at one point). The holograms of the RIGs and pilots were added for a bit of fun during prototyping but proved a success with the game directors and made it into the final version of the game.


A big thank you to Tech Artist Rob van Duursen for teaching me the basics of Maya.

Gameplay Footage

Player feedback

My legs are wobbling after just finishing the best five minutes of gaming I’ve ever experienced in my life
RIGS was absolutely incredible. Absolutely buzzing after playing it! Playstation VR at its finest.
Just had the privilege to try @Guerrilla #RIGS. One of the most exciting things I’ve played in years!
PlayStation VR and RIGS is huge I’m already addicted!
Being able to pilot a giant mech in an arena against other players in VR is honestly a dream come true